Talk about getting a late start; how about 9:20 AM?? Only one of us fished today because of that nasty stuff called personal business. Rain or no rain, fished at Bertrand launch ramp area and caught 8 in twenty minutes. The trout were biting on everything that was cast to them. The colors used were pink, white, yellow, red-white-blue, chartreuse, salmon peach, spring green, rainbow and fluorescent orange, which was the color that elicited the slowest bite response. The five keepers ranged from 12 1/4 to 12 3/4 inches. You will see them arrayed on a 24-inch cutting board in the photo. When the bite is as good as it was this morning, one hardly notices the rain. There were two other groups fishing in the area, one at the hole at Spider Creek and one immediately next to the launch ramp. The former group was catching the occasional fish while the latter seemed not to be doing as well. The trout appear to be concentrated between Parker bend and Spider Creek. The water is so low that, unless boats launch at Bertrand, they cannot get up river past Spider Creek Island unless generation is happening. Also, they cannot get very far upstream from Bertrand. That means bank fishermen pretty much have the upper hand in these areas. OK, where were you folks this morning? Hope you can get out there and help relieve the overcrowding (fish), going on in the river!Generation is scheduled for one hour, 4PM, at 22% of capability. The weather forecast for today calls for a high temperature of 73 degrees F. under cloudy skies with northerly winds at 4 MPH. There is a pretty good chance of light rain this afternoon. But, who cares? The trout are biting!

On this 24 inch cutting board,  you can see these fish are over 12 inches long.