Launched at Houseman Access at 7 AM and proceeded up river to an area upstream from the Hwy 62 bridge. If you decide to boat up there, be very careful picking your way both up to the bridge and to the pilings of the old 62 bridge. There is a narrow diagonal running 3 foot channel to the Hwy 62 bridge, but that is not the case farther upstream around the old bridge pilings. Your reward should be an abundance of trout in the area between the old bridge pilings and Spider Creek Island. We fished the river upstream from Hwy 62 bridge and did pretty well. Moved back down river around 10 AM and fished a couple of spots. Ran into a few boats, the occupants of which were fly fishing and not doing too good in the 'catching' side of fishing. We tried some fly fishing early and were rewarded with the same results. Ended up using bait and found that yellow, salmon peach, garlic and rainbow worked good. The trout ignored pink, spring green and fluorescent orange. The morning was a little nippy, but until the wind picked up, it was quite bearable. If you are planning on trying it tomorrow, dress in layers and have fun fishing! There is generation at 44% of capacity scheduled for 6 PM. The weather is predicted to give us a high temperature of 63 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the west at 8 MPH.