IMG_2822   Sam and I fished both yesterday and today with a friend, Ronnie, who is camping at Parker. Yesterday, we fished a bit later in the day and did great in an area between Bertrand launch ramp and Spider Creek. There were a good number of fishermen on scene and the fishing was good. Although no pictures were taken of the catch on the 24th, we made up for it with the catch of today. With the exception of hatchery formula, the trout were biting on the same colors this morning as they did on the 24th. Sam used salmon peach, fluorescent orange and rainbow. Ronnie used rainbow and chartreuse. I mostly used yellow but threw in some garlic and salmon peach. Overall, it turned out to be a fun morning, especially since Ronnie volunteered to clean the fish. What a guy! Since Sam and I were camera shy, we cajoled Ronnie to get in the picture with the catch.There were several fly fishermen trying their luck with both black or olive midges with silver beads. There were some fish being caught, but only slowly. We did note that the bite had slowed after 9 AM. The fish were stocked yesterday, so there should be plenty of action for anyone who gets out and tosses in a line. Since the day promises to be sunny and warm, why not get out and enjoy it? There is no generation scheduled for today, or for the next two. The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 82 degrees F. under sunny skies with westerly winds at 6 MPH.