Had another late start, 9 AM, and tried the turnaround, (also known as the canebreak), to see if the trout were interested in lures. They allowed me to wade across the river and spend about an hour so they could laugh at my efforts. Left the canebreak a little after 10 AM and moved to the Bertrand launch ramp where I switched to bait. Fished next to a friend about halfway between the ramp and Spider Creek Resort. The trout were very accommodating to me but not so much for him. Tried 12 different colors and caught 12 fish. He was using the same baits, but only managed to hook one. The big difference was that I was using an ultralight rod with 4# test line and he was using a larger rod with 6# test line and a split shot sinker in-line with a 1/2 ounce 'slider." He could not feel the trout bite, since they were 'soft-mouthing' the bait. We modified his rig slightly and, when I left, he was doing a bit better.The generation is scheduled for one hour, 5 PM, at 44% of capacity. The weather forecast is for mostly sunny skies with winds from the ESE at 6 MPH. The high temperature today is expected to be 77 degrees F.