Launched at Houseman access at 6:30 this morning and moved up river to fish in the cooler water. Finally picked our way through the shallows and got into the 47.8 degree F. water, where we found the trout ready and willing to 'play'. They bit on chartreuse, yellow, rainbow and salmon peach power bait. We threw back quite a few that we considered too small and a couple we thought would be nice, but were in the 'slot.' Picked our way back downstream and, once a few hundred feet past the Hwy 62 bridge, found deeper water. There were a couple of boats besides ours about 1/3 mile down river from the bridge that were catching a few rainbows in the cool morning. They seemed to be having a great time on the river. The sun was peeking out from behind the clouds as we approached Houseman Access, promising to take the chill out of the air. If you have not been out on the river today, try to get out and enjoy the afternoon sunshine and the fishing.Generation for today is slated for one hour. 4 PM. The weather is expected to be very sunny with a high temperature of 63 degrees F. Winds should be light, about 7 MPH.

Perfect day to catch fish.

And a perfect day for hot cocoa.