DSC_0001 I know, I know, the fishing report for yesterday is a tad late. Here it is, just for fun: Began fishing late in the morning, 10:30, and found that the trout stacked up between the Bertrand launch ramp and Spider Creek Resort did not care about the time of day. They were there and hungry. Just like on the 7th, they bit at anything that was thrown to them. The colors used successfully were: nymph grape, white, pink, salmon peach, yellow, rainbow, chartreuse, red-white-blue, spring green, fluorescent orange, garlic and, in honor of BILL, hatchery formula. By the way, Bill, that worked very well on the stockers, but, today, just so-so on the river fish. Hope you were out there helping feed the trout. This morning, we launched at Houseman Access at 6:30 and tried spinners and lures between Houseman and Blue Spring. There was no sign of fish life and we reaped that reward, even though the water temperature was 53 degrees F., great for trout. Trolled up river dragging various lures. The only ones that worked had some gold on them. The Rapala CD-7 black on gold and a red on gold spoon did get a little attention, very little. Switched to bait and the trout came to life. We figured that the bait-to-lure fish ratio was 10 to 1, and it only took a short time to catch the ten. (As opposed to trolling 2 miles for 1 fish.) Recovered an oar from 7 1/2 feet of water without having to go in and get it. The way we did it today was MUCH warmer than yesterday's anchor caper. There is generation scheduled from 4 through 7 PM, beginning and ending at 44% capacity with 2 hours of 88% in-between. The weather prediction calls for a high temperature of 88 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with winds from the south at 9 MPH.