Where did this month go?? Fished yesterday morning from the bank at Houseman Access and almost 'croaked' of boredom. During the 90 minutes on site, the trout gave up 5 bites, three of which resulted in fish. Ho Hum! They bit on yellow and salmon peach. Half an hour after I arrived, another fisherman sat down next to me and indicated that he felt that the bite was pretty normal. Guess he does not suffer from Fishing ADD.Let’s talk about this morning and the fishing at Parker Bend. Do not know if any trout 'stocking' took place yesterday, but the early morning trout bite was fantastic! From 7:15 through 8 AM, Ken, who was fly-fishing, and I, with ultralite in hand, were catching trout on every cast. Ken was catching three for every two that I caught; and I caught a lot! At about 8, the bite slowed and the trout only bit every 3 to 5 minutes. The river had something going for it that my coffee cup lacked. It had flow! Called Sam and made sure the 'pot' was on, and headed for a refill and good conversation. If you get the chance to fish in the morning, try to get on site by 7 AM., when the early bite is active. Did not fish in any other location this morning, so this morning report only covers Parker Bend. There is generation slated from 2 through 7 PM. The high temperature for today is expected to be 73 degrees F.  Tomorrow, the high is only going to be in the 60s, so dress accordingly. Today should bring us partly sunny skies with NNE winds at 7 MPH.