Fished down river from the ramps at Parker Bend this morning at 7. The fish were biting most anything thrown, but really seemed to prefer rainbow. One of the park attendants had caught an 18 1/4 inch rainbow on rainbow power bait and had a few more in the 12 plus range. There were quite a few small fish that had to be tolerated between the larger 'keepers.' Moved to Houseman Access at 9 AM and sat down to revel in the Ozark morning on the river, especially when the sun hid behind the clouds. Although the trout caught there did not include any small ones, the bite was slower. The largest we caught in the hour we were there was 15 1/2 inches. Bait that worked best was rainbow, even though white, salmon peach and yellow received attention. We enjoyed the fighting that the fish gave us to the extent that we released all of them so, perhaps others would have a chance to do the same. So, they are out there waiting for you!