Fished from the bank in four locations this morning, beginning at an area directly below the Beaver Dam. Found that there was some surface activity, probably trout trying to learn how to walk. The water there is VERY shallow and I did not spend too much time there trying to lose tackle in the rocks. Moved to the damaged launch ramp below the dam and fished the gravel bar. The trout were there and were inclined to bite on rainbow and fluorescent orange, but totally ignored garlic and yellow. Moved to Parker Bend and tried the holes downstream from the ramps. There were several people fishing there, one of which was a fly fisherman. Two folks fishing immediately downstream from me were doing good, and had caught their limit. I do not like to poke my nose into other peoples' business, but I did remind them that once they had a trout limit on their stringer, they had to cease fishing. They took it well, but, since I was on my way to another location, I do not know if they stopped fishing. Moved to Bertrand launch ramp and fished both the ramp and downstream from it. The trout still liked orange and rainbow, but they REALLY liked hatchery formula. Thanks for the hint, Bill! By the way, the stock truck should be dropping fish this morning, so you might want to go play with the 'newbies' that are being released to the 'wild'. The generation is scheduled for 4 through 6 PM today at 44% of capacity. The weather is expected to bring us a high temperature of 81 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with SSE winds at 4 MPH.