fish 9-2-14This morning we tried waiting out the rain and lightning before launching at Houseman Access, but the weather won the waiting game. We cancelled the trip and moved to Bertrand Launch Ramp and fished off of the bank between the ramp and Spider Creek. This would allow us to get to cover if the lightening once again began. We fished in the rain from about 10 AM until 11, and caught 11 fish, one of which we released because it needed to go home and grow up. Only one other fisherman was on scene, fishing in the rain. Thank goodness for gore-tex! The trout were biting on everything that they were thrown, which included, yellow, chartreuse, fluorescent orange, red-white-blue, salmon peach, spring green, white and rainbow. Today, they were playing the 'soft-mouth' game, so if you are out there losing your bait without feeling anything biting, watch your rod tip for slight movement and go from there.The generation for today is scheduled to take place from 2 through 6 PM. The weather forecast predicts a high temperature of 78 degrees F. under partly sunny skies, (this afternoon, of course), with southerly winds of 4 MPH, gusting to 10. There is a good chance of rain beginning at 4 PM and lasting through 10 PM.