Sam and I fished at two locations this morning, Houseman Access and Bertrand launch ramp area. The bite at Houseman Access was very slow, but the trout bit on salmon peach. The water is down so far that, if bank fishing, one will be fishing either in the mud or from the rocks 10 feet away from the water. We spent entirely too much time waiting for bites, so we moved our operation to the area downstream from Bertrand launch ramp. What a difference! The trout bit on almost everything we tried, including, corn yellow, yellow, salmon peach, garlic, chartreuse, nymph grape, orange, white, hatchery formula and spring green. The only color that did not get a bite was red-white-blue. We were there for 40 minutes and caught and released 16 fish. The fish that we caught were quite a nice size, two of which exceeded 14 inches. Reduce stress, go fish!The generation scheduled for today begins at 4 PM and goes through 6. The weather forecast is for a high temperature of 81 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with winds from the SE at 4 MPH.