Fished up river from Spider Creek where there must be enough fish available that one almost could walk on them. Once again, they took any bait that was thrown to them. That is the good news. There are a lot of little fish in the crowd, which means that to get 5 decent sized fish, there is a lot of catch and release. Please be careful when taking out hooks. If you damage a fish, even if it is too small for your liking, please take it anyway. Got out there a little late this morning, 10, but the fish were biting like crazy. Everyone on the bank, as well as in boats, was catching fish. We will have photos of today's catch with tomorrow's report.

The temperature was cool, the sky was overcast, and life was grand! If you launch at Houseman and plan on fishing up river from the Hwy 62 bridge, you might wear your waders, since you may have to get out and pull your boat over some shallows. Get out and go fish! There are a couple of hours of generation scheduled for 4 and 5 this afternoon at 88% and 44% of capacity, respectively. The weather is predicted to continue in a gentler manner, with a high temperature of 76 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies with winds from the NNE at 3 MPH.