Launched at Bertrand launch ramp and moved up river to try some fly fishing with our friend, Ken.  Our first stop was halfway between Bertrand and the Parker Campground where we found the trout anxious to take the hand-tied midge that Ken was using as well as the zebra midge that I had tied on.  Moved up into the trophy area where the fishing was a lot slower, probably because of the lack of flow.  The same result was at the hole slightly downstream from the 'canebreak', also known as the ‘turnaround.'  We were limited by time, so we were back at Bertrand by 9:30 AM.  All-in-all, we had a great time and caught a good number of fish.  Ken was the fisherman of the day while I spent half of the time untangling the tippet on my rod.  We did not run into another power boat on the river that time of the morning.Later in the day, about 1 PM, I went to Parker Bend and tried my luck fishing in the moving water.  There was a couple who was doing OK using green power bait eggs with a piece of earthworm.  They were catching one every 20 minutes or so.  I was using power bait paste and was getting bites, but, although I would occasionally 'close the deal,' the couple out-fished me.  The area between the ramps where we were fishing was plagued by lots of flies, which gave us something to slap while we were waiting for a trout to bite.  We joked about using the ones we had slapped to add on to our hooks for bait.  Heck, it may have worked! The generation schedule for 9-16-15 calls for the water to move from 3 through 8 PM at 44% of capacity.  The high temperature is predicted to reach 83 degrees F., under partly sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 5 MPH. Time marches on, so stop thinking about it and go out and fish!