Image 9-10-15 at 4.52 PMLaunched at Bertrand Launch Ramp and moved downstream toward the Hwy 62 bridge in a 'trout quest.’ Fished with friends who were on their honeymoon and were staying in a cabin on Beaver Lake. We fished in several different locations on the river, all of which were productive, some more than others. Another really neat thing about my friends' honeymoon trip was that they towed their boat up, which provided an opportunity to be a fellow fisherman instead of a guide. Although we caught somewhere between 30 and 40 trout during the outing we only kept our limit, catching and keeping our fifth fish each as the last fish taken. Something tells me that there is a Sunday fish fry in the offing! There were a couple of other guides on the river, one that was trolling and another who was in the bait fishing mode. The people fishing from the ramp at Bertrand had caught a couple, but not too many. It was a nice morning; and they were enjoying it. Good for them!! Hope you got out to have fun fishing.There is generation scheduled from 4 through 6 PM today. The high temperature for the day is expected to reach 85 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies. The wind will shift to northwesterly at 5 MPH after 5 PM.