Since there was only a 45 minute slot within which I would be able to fish this morning, the name of the 'game' was spoons.  Fished below the Bertrand launch ramp and struck out both using blue on silver and red on gold. The other folks who were fishing nearby were catching on bait. Yellow and rainbow were the predominate colors. The bite was good, but slower than earlier in the week. The size of the fish was pretty good, too. They ranged from 12 to 14 inches, which promised a good time bringing them in, especially if one was using an ultra light rod. The bite near the launch ramp was only so-so, but if you move closer to the Spider Creek Resort, the bite becomes much better. Looks like another great day to be on the river! Generation is scheduled from 4 through 10 PM. This is good, since it may slow the drain of the river through Tablerock Dam. That dam is still scheduled to flow twice the flow of Beaver Dam today. That is much better than the 10 to1 amount that they have been draining. The weather prediction today is for a high temperature of 75 degrees F. under cloudy skies with westerly winds of up to 8 MPH in the later afternoon. Hope you get to go out and enjoy a day on the White River!