DSC_0059     Launched at 6:45 this morning and began or fishing near Spider Creek Island. The trout were very accommodating and gave us a great introduction to this day’s fishing. After catching and keeping a selected few while releasing all of the rest, we decided to move below Spider Creek Island and fish in a new spot. If you are going to go in the vicinity of Spider Creek Island, the water on the upriver side is, once again, getting very shallow. If you picked your way across the shallows today, you had 2.1 feet below the motor foot, (assuming your motor shaft is a short shaft). Once across that hazard, we anchored neat the old 62 bridge pilings and caught and released until the bite slowed at 9 AM. We then tried just below the pilings and were catching about every 8 minutes, which was comparatively slow. Moved below the Hwy62 bridge and began trolling for ‘the big one.’ It never surfaced, so we left the tailwaters and fished below the Blue Springs area. Finished up there with larger fish, and headed in to Houseman Access. Had a great fishing companion, a beautiful morning and good fishing. What is left to say?? Oh, hope you got out and enjoyed the morning!!Generation today is slated from 1 through 6 PM, and tomorrow during those same times. High today should reach 68 degrees under sunny skies with NNE winds at 7 MPH, gusting to 17. Tomorrow’s high will reach the 70s. Get out and have fun fishing!