Sam and I fished this morning beginning at an area directly below Beaver Dam and ending up between Bertrand launch ramp and Spider Creek Island. The areas where there has been no stocking, (from the turnaround to the Beaver Dam), had the slowest bite, while those from Parker Bend to Bertrand launch ramp were the most productive. We experienced the best bite in the area of the Bertrand ramp, where the trout were biting on 12 of the 13 colors we threw. The one bait that we did not get a bite on was garlic. The power bait that we used with success included, yellow, salmon peach, rainbow, hatchery formula, chartreuse, red-white-blue, nymph grape, fluorescent orange, white, maize yellow, spring green and pink. Maybe the cooler morning had something to do with the fact that we ran into only a few other fishermen. Good news is that it is supposed to get up into the mid-sixty range this afternoon. This opens the door for you to get out and enjoy yet another great fishing day on the White River! Just a note for those of you who plan on putting in your boat and trying to troll; it is Fall and the leaves are thick on the river. Of course, this means that you should plan on being very busy keeping the lures cleared of leaves about every hundred yards or so. The better alternative may be to fish with bait. There is generation scheduled to take place at 44% of capacity from 7 through 9 PM. The weather is supposed to bring us a high temperature of 66 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the north at 6 MPH.