Fished for a short time at Parker Bend. Initially, bait fishing was the method used, which gave me time to drink coffee. The trout were somewhat interested in yellow power bait, but gave a person plenty of time to sip coffee. Afterward, fishing with lures took center stage. Threw a Rapala F-11 black on silver with no fish taking the big bite. Chatted with people fishing on scene, and noted that the bite for them was pretty poor. The morning was very pleasant and the company was great! Proved to be a nice morning to be out. The picture reflects one of the boats out with us on the Monday trip. You can see the result of their trip if you look on our website, Facebook, or Google + site for our fishing report of Monday, 10-26-15. Hope to see you out there later today!Generation is still a 24 hour a day reality. No end is apparent according to the Corps website. The high temperature today should reach 63 degrees F. under cloudy skies. The wind is from the west at 5 MPH.