DSC_0002 DSC_0015   We launched at Houseman Access this morning at about 8:00 AM and proceeded up river to a spot above the Hwy 62 bridge and tried our luck. The trout were there, but either not in great numbers, or not too hungry. We caught a few and did not keep any of them, since they were not very large. They were biting on yellow and salmon peach. In fact, all of the trout caught today were biting on yellow, salmon peach and rainbow. They ignored hatchery formula, garlic, pink, white and chartreuse. We moved back downstream and tried a couple of likely areas and caught trout that were good sized. In fact, we had to toss back some 'slots' as well as some little ones. After keeping 4 each, the folks on board decided that it would be good to go down river and out of the tail waters to try for a larger fish. We moved outside of the tail waters and tried for a brown, using sculpin for bait. No takers, probably due to the time of day. Moved back up river and finished off their limit. The trip on such a Fall day like today was absolutely great! Only ran into two other boats on the river, so there is plenty of room for yours, too.There is generation at 44% of capacity scheduled from 7 through 9 PM. The weather is forecast to give us a high temperature of 67 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the NNE at 5 MPH.