Ronnie 10-26 001Fished with a friend at a location downstream from Bertrand launch ramp at 8:00 AM. The trout were very accommodating and we limited within 30 minutes. Both of us were using yellow power bait and did not try any other color. Everyone fishing from the ramp to Spider Creek Resort was catching fish. Those with whom we spoke told us that it did not seem to make any difference what colors they used, the trout bit. Great news for those who are planning to fish this afternoon! The weather is planning on providing another wonderful day to fish, so get out there! This is the last weekend that the Parker Campground is going to be open, so, for those of us who live in the area, we can expect that there will be less people fishing on weekends for the rest of the year. As you can tell from the picture, my friend, Ronnie, and I did pretty good in the fish category. Interestingly enough, none of the fish caught today were small; in fact, we had to throw several back because they were in the 'slot'. Hope you get out and enjoy the day!There is no generation scheduled for today, or tomorrow. The weather forecast is for a high temperature of 84 degrees F. under sunny skies with SSW winds at 13 MPH shifting to the south at 12 later this afternoon.