Fished at Parker Bend this morning. There were a couple of people fishing with bait between the ramps. One guy was with his son and had caught three. He was using power bait eggs with a night crawler. I was still trying for a brown, so I was throwing a Rapala F-11, black on silver. The generation was scheduled for 24 hours for the next three days. so casting a lure made me feel that I was being proactive. People came and went, mostly after seeing that generation was in progress. Trout can be caught with bait during generation if you find an eddy, or fish between the ramps. Fishing with a fly rod or with micro-jigs also is effective. In a boat, there are several different methods that can be used successfully. The high today was 61 degrees F under mostly cloudy skies. The winds were northerly at 7 MPH. Tomorrow, the expected high is 64 degrees F., under cloudy skies. Winds will be from the ENE at 7 MPH. We expect to be on the river early in the AM. fishing the generation propelled water. Should be fun!