Launched at Houseman Access at about 8:45 this morning and tried some trolling downstream. After a bit of time in the 'troll mode', we decided to move up river and try some bait fishing. We knew it was a very late start and well after prime time, but it was a lovely morning and fishing really beats household chores! Caught a few near the Hwy 62 bridge, but we wanted bigger trout. We moved downstream and fished a few spots with some success. Finally moved out of the tail waters and picked up some nice ones. The bite on the river below the 62 bridge was slow but we were not in too much of a rush. The trout bit on salmon peach, yellow and fluorescent orange. We met only one other boat while we were out. The person on the other boat indicated that he had only caught two fish since 7:30 AM. Hope you can get out and try your luck! There is generation scheduled for 7 and 8 this evening at 44% of capability. The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 71 degrees F, under sunny skies, with winds from the SE at 7 MPH.