As mentioned in yesterday's report, the plan for fishing this morning was to throw a lure and try for brown trout. Since no boat was launched for this endeavor, I wore waders in order to be able to recover the lure when it hooked up on bottom structure in the shallows. This was a good decision, since there were three bottom snags which were successfully overcome. Began fishing at about 7:20 AM and over the next hour, 6 rainbow trout were caught and released. There was no sign of the brown trout hitting the surface like yesterday. The bite was much better than my hook 'setting' or the 'caught count' would have been much higher. Just in case you want to know, I used a Rapala F-11 rainbow. There was one other person fishing when I left, and she was fishing at Bertrand ramp, where the fishing usually is very slow compared to areas downstream. There is generation scheduled from 2 through 7 PM today. The high temperature today should be 80 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with SSW winds of 7 MPH.