Fishing today seemed to fall into three categories: slow, fair and great. The slowest, as one might imagine from the report of yesterday, was up river from Parker Bend, which was in the 'fair' category. The best bite was found from the Bertrand launch ramp to Spider Creek Island. In the order of quickest bite, the trout were going after pink, hatchery formula, rainbow, salmon peach and fluorescent orange power bait. They tended to ignore white, grape nymph, garlic, spring green, yellow, chartreuse and red-white-blue. To clarify how I determine which colors work or not, I have a 'five minute' rule in place when doing the 'research' for this report. If I do not get a bite within 5 minutes, I change bait to the next color. For example, even though white power bait did not result in a trout bite while being used by me this morning, the folks fishing up river from me caught a trout on white power bait eggs after patiently waiting for some time. That was the only one that was caught on white in the hour that I fished there. Want to increase your chances of a bite? Try adding a wax worm to the end of the hook along with your power bait. Also, try to use a hook size that does not show hook shank when baited. Trout have excellent eyesight! Looks like another great fishing day in the making. Hope you get out to enjoy it.For you tournament bass fisher-folk, there is the 'Buddy Bass Tournament' coming up on Saturday, Nov 1st from 7 AM to 3 PM initiating at Starkey Marnia on Beaver Lake. The first prize is $1,000. Entry fee per boat is $75. For more information, you can call 479-253-0763. There is no generation scheduled for today. The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 67 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with winds from the SSE at 6 MPH.