DSC_0071     We launched at Houseman Access about 7:15 this morning when it was barely light and headed upriver. There DSC_0068were quite a few fly fishermen on the water today, no doubt due to the annual One Fly/One Lure Contest. Since we did not want to impede their work, we fished in a few spots we don’t normally frequent. That led us to plenty of entanglements over large rocks and plenty of tangled line and lost hooks and bait. The first fish we boated were on the small side, but keepers. As we moved down stream the size increased, just not the frequency of the bite. It took a bit longer that other trips of late, but we limited out in due time. We bundled in long underwear, heavy shirts and pants, and gloves that served us well. In fact, as the wind hit us and the morning wore on, we could have used another layer.

Enjoy some fall fishing, and remember to layer up!