IMG_2812 Sam and I both fished this morning, but separately. since my phone was turned off, resulting in my missing his call to go fish. Sam fished directly below the Beaver Dam and caught some pretty nice trout on white, (both with and without a wax worm addition), and on orange. He was testing a new rock resistant sinker which, although not new on the market, is new to us. It worked very well as no gear was lost. While Sam was below the dam, I tried a couple of spots. The first was the first access point past the exit from the Parker Bend campground. The fish were biting on spring green and yellow. There was a lot of surface activity. Ran into a couple of fly fishermen who were just arriving as I was leaving to fish Parker Bend. They were planning on using midges, brown, olive or black. Upon arrival at Parker Bend, fished the holes down river from the ramp area and found the trout biting on fluorescent orange, white, salmon peach, yellow and nymph grape. They ignored hatchery formula, garlic and chartreuse. All in all, it was a good morning fishing, and promises to get even better throughout the rest of the day. Since this morning was a catch and release trip, perhaps we will get out later to enjoy the mid-seventy degree afternoon. Hope to see you out there There is no generation scheduled today. The weather is predicted to bring us a high temperature of 78 degrees F. under sunny skies with southerly winds of 8 MPH.