Both the rain and I took a break at 10:30 this morning, so I used mine to go fishing. First stop was at the gravel bar just downstream from the now out-of-commission Beaver Dam launch ramp. Moved all the way to the downstream end of the gravel bar and caught three trout with three different colors of power bait. The first fish was a small brown trout which bit on yellow. The next two were rainbows that bit on pink and chartreuse. Moved to the holes down river from Parker Bend and noted that the water was very muddy. The trout did not seem to care, and bit on garlic and salmon peach. Moved to the wheelchair ramps at Parker and caught fish on rainbow. Two other couples were fishing at Parker when I first arrived. The ones who were fishing at the holes were doing very well on white power bait eggs with a wax worm. There was an Oklahoma couple fishing at the ramp, using spoons. The guy was catching on a 1/8 oz Colorado, gold and silver. The gal was not having any luck at all on one that was pink on silver with a small 'tail'. I experienced some luck on rainbow. By the way, the ramps seemed to be the breaking point between the clear and muddy water, with the ramps in the clear portion. Moved to the launch ramp at Bertrand and walked/waded down towards Spider Creek, where I caught a few using garlic, white and fluorescent orange. Looks like one could get out between the rain and do very well! There is generation scheduled at 31 % of capacity from 1 through 2 this afternoon. The weather is expected to give us a high temperature of 71 degrees F. under cloudy, and sometimes rainy, skies with winds from the NNE at 7 MPH.