The early morning fishing at Parker Bend was so good yesterday that we thought we would give it a try this morning. What a difference a day makes! The bite was very slow, even though the trout were occasionally breaking the surface to grab a bug. Ken was fly-fishing and I was using an ultralite. After running out of, you guessed it, COFFEE, it was time to refill the mug. Perhaps the bite will pick up later in the morning. The trout bit on yellow and salmon peach power bait, and on an orange midge. Although I plan on fishing later on this morning, sometimes plans have to change. So, here is the day’s fishing report.There is generation scheduled from 2 through 7 PM. at 44% of capacity. The high temperature for today should reach 70 degrees F., with a low tonight of 44. The day should be mostly sunny with NNE winds of 8 MPH. Stay warm and, above all, have fun fishing!