Decided to try Houseman Access to see what, if anything 'fishy', was happening. Arrived early, in order to avoid any scheduled generation, and used two rods, each with a different rig. During the 90 minute stay, the only trout activity was on the rod rigged to fish with power bait paste. The only color that worked was yellow. The other rod was rigged for power bait eggs, and nothing threatened the bait. Sat in the rain for as long as I cared to, then took my freshly caught lunch home. There is activity at Houseman, but the bite is very slow, about every 20 minutes, and the trout are very picky. Spoke with another guide while out this morning, and he indicated that he had found that the trout at Parker Bend were attacking Little Cleos. Haven't had the chance to try to verify yet, but if you go out there, give it a go. What the heck, a little rain with a high temperature of 59 degrees F. should be easy to take.Tomorrow, there is no generation scheduled. The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 61 degrees F. under cloudy skies with early winds from the SSW at 9 MPH, shifting to the west later in the day. There are gusts predicted to reach 22 MPH.