Fished this morning at the Bertrand launch ramp area and found the trout to be pretty picky. Initially, I fished with power bait eggs on a # 12 bait hook. Two eggs to the hook was enough to cover everything but the 'business end.' Using a clear/gold pink egg with a white to help it along, the first cast resulted in a 14 inch rainbow. Of course, he went back into the water no worse from the experience. Switched to power bait paste and quickly learned that the trout were only interested in hatchery formula. The bite on that was very good; they totally ignored other paste baits. The most successful bait was night crawlers, especially if they were slightly inflated. One fellow who was fishing nearby was catching the occasional trout on micro-jigs. I did not run into any fly fishermen. The coffee ran out and the wind picked up, making the fishing just a little bit more memorable. Headed for the 'barn' and fresh coffee!

There is generation at 44% of capacity scheduled from 6 through 7 PM. According to Accuweather, there is snow scheduled for anytime after 11 AM. The rest of the forecast calls for a high temperature of 34 degrees F. under cloudy skies with northerly winds between 14 to 17 MPH.