Fished at Parker Bend both in the morning and later in the afternoon. This morning, the hope was to find that the whites had decided to spend another day frolicking in the shallows, but no, that was not to be. Oh well, tried to catch and release some rainbows. After catching half dozen or so, headed for home to attend some chores. Returned later in the afternoon and noted that although the whites had not made an appearance, the stocking truck had. Not too sure the truck stocked at Parker, but it did at Bertrand launch ramp. Fished at the holes and the ramps at Parker and caught trout until 5:30. There were a good number of fishermen on scene, all of which appeared to be having a great time enjoying the outdoors. Some of them even caught some fish! One couple did very well in the fishing department while the two groups near them did fair. I caught and released 20 trout which bit on yellow, salmon peach, hatchery formula, fluorescent orange, garlic, rainbow, pink and slowly on, salmon egg red. Tomorrow, the generation is slated to be for one hour, 6 PM. The high temperature expected for tomorrow is 78 degrees F. under cloudy skies with winds from the SSE at 9 MPH, gusting to 14. There are thunder showers predicted at several times throughout the day. Be careful and watch the weather. It is OK to have trout strike, but lightning ....that is another story!