Today we fished in a few locations from the Beaver Dam to Parker Bend. This morning the trout seemed to be more interested in bait than in lures, although we did catch a nice brown trout on a Rapala F-9, black on silver.   The bait bite was good using both yellow and orange power bait.  Started the day early in a futile attempt to pick up walleye at Parker Bend.  Once again, no one was home.  The trout were creating a good deal of surface activity but  there were no large 'strikes' indicating good sized hungry fish nearby.  We also noted that there were no white bass on site.  The start of this morning promises to present us with another great day in the Ozarks. Let's go catch some fish!The generation schedule shows that water will be moving at 44% of capacity beginning at 3 and 4 PM increasing to 88% from 5 through 6 PM.  The weather prediction is for a high temperature of 82 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with winds from the south at 14 MPH.