Nice day for Walleye Dragged ourselves out of the 'sack' at zero dark hundred and headed to the river to try to get walleye.  We were using Rapala F series lures and caught three in about 20 minutes.  One was not quite long enough and could not be stretched to make the 18 inch minimum (HA!).  Sent him back to grow up a bit.  Since we had a full day of 'honey do's', we headed back to the house about 6 AM.  The bottom line is that the walleye are in the fishing game.  There were no females in these last 5 fish caught by us, (two yesterday), but they will be coming into play very soon. They are the larger of the walleye gender, and we are expecting to capitalize on their hunger pangs following the spawn!  If you have not been fishing for these fish, you have only until about the middle of June to get an easier than usual shot at catching them.  After the spawn, they go downstream into deeper water and try to keep a low profile.  Did not bother with trout this morning, although they too were biting.  The wind was present, but not too much of a bother on the river that early in the morning.  No others were on the river that we saw. The generation today is scheduled to occur at 44% of capacity from 4 PM through 7 PM.  The weather prediction calls for a high of 88 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 15 MPH gusting to 22.  Tomorrow is expected to be about the same with respect to the weather; however, the generation schedule for tomorrow has not yet been posted.  If you are not tied up at work, get out there and grab some fish!