We launched at 6 AM at Houseman Access and proceeded downstream scanning for white bass. The water temperature was 52 degrees F. at Houseman and remained within half a degree of that for at least a mile downstream.  Trolled several different new-to-the-market lures to see what they could conjure up.  We only marked a couple of small schools of whites which were not too interested in what we were trying to feed them.  Changed back to our normally used lures and quickly caught trout and walleye, but no whites.  Only marked a couple of small balls of bait, but at least bait seems to be coming back upstream.  We are not fishing this afternoon, but there is a great chance that the whites will be in the area of Houseman and farther upstream. Walleye caught were picked up by a Rapala CD-9.  Although it also caught trout, the most trout were caught with a F-7 minnow, the one Rapala no longer makes, of course.  Looked like a bunch  of folks are on the river today!  That is good.  Go out and enjoy the 85 degree temperatures and catch some fish!Generation is scheduled for tonight from 4 to 6 PM at 44% of capacity.  The weather prediction calls for sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 14 MPH, gusting to 27.  High temperature today is expected to reach 87 degrees F. Tomorrow, the generation is scheduled to begin at 4 PM and continue through 7 at 44 % of capacity.  It will be another windy day under more sunny skies.

fish 5-4-14 001