fish 5-30-14 001Launched at Houseman Access and moved up-river to the Hwy 62 bridge area.  The water temperature at Houseman was 68 degrees F., about 9 degrees warmer than the temperature there yesterday.  Noted that there were a few whites 'marked' in the area of the warmer water, but none showed up in water below 51 degrees F..  Trolled to the bridge and caught quite a few trout on a spoon. Fished with bait just below Spider Creek Island and found that the bite was very slow.  If you plan on using bait, start early in the morning, when the trout are biting bait more readily.  We took an hour to troll up river, (and caught 13 trout), then found that the bait bite was so-so.  We did not use worms, so the trout MAY have responded better on either earth worms or wax worms.  We will try those tomorrow.Generation at 88% of capacity is scheduled to begin at 3 PM through 6 PM.  The weather is predicted to give us a high temperature of 71 degrees F., under cloudy skies with a chance of thundershowers throughout the rest of today.  The winds are expected to be from the east at 8 MPH.  A bit warmer weather tomorrow, 81 degrees F., but not a bad day expected.  Let's go do the fishing thing!