Launched at Houseman Access this morning at 6 AM, and noted that the water temperature was 71.5 degrees F.  Moved down river and trolled for whatever wanted to jump aboard.  Not one fish took our offer, although we did 'mark' a couple of walleye and saw that the carp were spawning along the banks, with the gar right on their heels.  Moved back upstream and limited on trout in very short order. The bite was excellent, but the fish were not over 12 inches.  We are positive that the larger ones are out there, but they were playing hard to get.  We did catch a male white bass and missed a couple of more.  They appear to be widely scattered.  Once again, the day promises to be great for fishing if one is careful to avoid the predicted afternoon thunder showers.  Checked the radar and saw that, if the showers continue moving toward us at the same pace, we could be in them sometime around 3 PM.  Have fun and exercise care!Generation is scheduled to occur from 3 PM through 7 PM. The weather report calls for cloudy skies with a couple of afternoon thundershowers.  The wind should be from the south or SSW at 6 MPH.  We bet that there will be higher gusts near the thundershowers! This morning was the best trout bite that we have experienced in the last three days. Go out and catch a few!