The photos accompanying this report were taken a couple of days back when we mentioned the foggy morning on the river.  Today, we bank fished between Parker Bend and Beaver Dam this morning using both lures and bait.  Ran into quite a few fly fishermen who were using everything from micro jigs to midges and were finding that the trout were having nothing to do with what was being thrown.  They gave us the same treatment for using spoons.  Tried bait, beginning at a spot directly below Beaver Dam and caught fish on power bait of the yellow, rainbow and orange persuasion.  Yellow was the favored color. The fish were fairly small, but there were fish to be had.  Elsewhere on the river between the dam and Bertrand launch ramp, the fishing was very slow, but those fish being caught were biting on worms.  We finished at about 10 AM, so perhaps the bite picked up in the afternoon. The day promised to be good for cooking out and picnics while fishing, so let's go out and enjoy the Memorial Day holiday.  Thanks to those who gave their all so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have.The generation schedule calls for a 44% of capability flow from 3 PM through 5 PM today. The weather is predicted to give us mostly cloudy skies with a high temperature of 79 degrees F., and winds from the south at 5 MPH.

This blue heron let us take his picture at dawn.

And we're off