Began fishing at 9 AM, little late for 'prime time,' and was not surprised that the bite was a little slow.  To make matters even more exasperating, my hook to bite ratio was 3 to 8, or about 37.5%.  It was a very nice morning to sit in the sun and wait the 15 minutes between bites.  Initially, I fished with a Colorado 1/4 ounce spoon both at the Bertrand launch area and at Parker Bend.  Although I had 5 strikes, only one ended up on the line.  I then moved to the gravel bar downstream from River Access 1, nearest Beaver Dam, and fished with power bait.  The colors that were successful were yellow and rainbow.  There were both fly fishermen and bait fishermen on site when I arrived.  The only fish that was caught, (besides my few), was one by a fly fisherman.  This afternoon looks like a bad time for bank fishing since generation is scheduled to be from 3 through 6 PM.The high temperature today is expected to be 81º F. under cloudy skies, with winds from the SSW at 10 MPH.  There is a good chance of late afternoon thunder showers.  Be careful and, above all, have fun catching trout!