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Launched at Houseman Access this morning and proceeded up river trolling for walleye, or whatever else had a mind to bite.  Caught a couple of trout on the way upstream.  Fished as far up river as Bertrand launch ramp and, although the bite was OK, it was a couple of hours before we limited out.  However, we did throw back quite a mess of fish for being either too large or too small.  I will amend the previous statement, "...the bite was OK", to:  "The bite was good."  On the way back in, we trolled for walleye and caught one.  The silly thing was only 17 1/2", so, after a picture, he joined the earlier returned trout.  The water temperature ranged from 48.4 degrees F. at Houseman to 46 degrees F at Bertrand launch ramp.  The day began in the fog, but by 9 AM, the fog melted away and gave us our usual spectacular river scenery.  It was a good fishing trip! There is one hour of generation at 44% of capacity scheduled at 5 PM. The weather today is predicted to give us a high temperature of 81 degrees F., under partly sunny skies with winds from the SE at 6 MPH.  You should know by now that my advise is to  get out there and ENJOY THE DAY!