Launched at Bertrand ramp at 8:30 this morning and fished our way to Houseman Access. On the first stop of the trip, the experienced fisherman aboard caught a 17 1/2 inch rainbow. His second cast resulted in a 14 incher. At that point, I broke the 'slot' news to him and felt sorry for him as the rainbow headed back into the deep, no worse for wear. This turned out to be the first of many to be thrown back due to size. Everyone aboard caught and kept their limit from the 40 plus fish that we caught. The oddest story of this trip sounds like a 'fish story' from a fiction novel. In the last area we fished my rod indicated a bite, but I noticed that Mr. 17 1/2 Inch Rainbow also had a fish. He reeled in until his hook and a great tangle of my braid with a trout caught up in it came aboard. Since the tangle was impossible for me to straighten out in a reasonable time, I decided to cut away the mess and retie. However, since I wanted my hook, sinker and swivels which were another 20 yards or so down the line, I pulled in the rest of the line by hand. We were pretty surprised to find that there was a trout on the end of the cut line, too. While two of us were working on the mess, our lovely lady caught a trout. It was a ‘triple.' All in all, it was a very satisfying day! Fun people, interesting folks and lots of good stories.Tomorrow, there is only generation for one hour, 9 PM. The high temperature for tomorrow is predicted to hit 66º F., under sunny skies with NNW winds at 6 MPH gusting to 9. Hope you get out to fish!

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