Bank fished early this morning beginning at Parker Bend and ending up just below Beaver Dam.  Caught one walleye, whom I 'carded' and made leave the premises when I learned he was under 18.  He was 17 3/4."  Caught trout at Parker, but was not too pleased with the size, petite.   The fish seemed to come in increasingly larger sizes as one drew closer to the Beaver Dam.  Just below the dam, the fish were of a nice size, the first one caught being in the 'slot'.  He also had a chunk of his right side gobbled out, probably by a walleye.  The fish were biting on yellow, rainbow, green and salmon peach power bait.  They wanted nothing to do with purple, (nymph grape).  There were three fishermen at Parker Bend who had caught one fish while I was there.  They were using a power bait that, according to them, looked like deer droppings.  They said that the trout would pick it up then spit it out, sort of like anyone else might do.  Ha! Looks like it is going to be a great day for fishing, so let's go!Generation is scheduled for four hours today, beginning at 4 PM.  The Accu-weather prediction is for a high temperature of 81 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with winds from the SSE at 17 MPH.