Launched at Houseman Access later in the morning and began fishing for most anything that wanted to bite.  Trout and white bass were happy to oblige which made for a nice late morning out.  The walleye did not grace us with their presence, although we did mark quite a few.  The water temperature was about 58 degrees F. at and around Houseman.  The weather today is almost perfect, so go out and enjoy the, of course.  Yesterday evening we tried jigging for walleye upstream from the Hwy 62 bridge, but the only takers were trout.There is one hour of generation scheduled at 5 PM at 20% of capacity.  The high temperature for today is predicted is 72 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with winds from the SE at 8 MPH.  Great weather for mowing the lawn OR FISHING. Hmmm, let me think.... Load up the boat!