Began the day by checking the bank fishing early this morning and launching later. The fishing from the bank began at just below Beaver Dam where the bite was pretty good on rainbow power bait; however, the fish were pretty small.  Moved to the launch ramp closest to Beaver Dam where the fish seemed to be a bit larger, but nothing to write home about.  The bite there was slower.  Moved to the 'canebreak' where the bite was not happening on lures, although the trout would follow the lures almost all the way back to the bank.  Hopefully the bite picked up as the morning progressed.  Launched at Houseman Access at about 9:30 AM and moved downstream to see what was going on.  There were several small schools of white bass evident, so we fished them and did pretty good.  In addition to the whites, walleye were hanging around and one even thought enough of us to pay a visit.  Although initially, we were not keeping trout, on the way back to the ramp, we changed lures and caught four within 200 yards of our 'extraction point'.  The water temperature where we were today averaged 58.6 degrees F.There is generation at 22% of capacity scheduled for one hour, 9 PM.  The winds are from the WNW at 13 MPH with gusts to 22.  High temperature is expected to reach 62 degrees F. today with a low tonight of 46.  Initially, the wind tomorrow should be kinder to us with a NW 5 MPH breeze.  Generation tomorrow is scheduled to be at 2 AM at 20%, then nothing until 8 AM at 22%, then nothing until 9 PM at 22%. Go figure??!

fish 5-15-14 004

Some days you get the variety pack!