Fished early this morning at a couple of spots near Parker Bend ramps. While fishing from the ramps, caught a walleye and some trout on a Bass Pro 1/8th ounce blue on silver spoon. The walleye was only 15 inches, so, like todays trout, back into the river it went. Moved downstream to the hole below the second rock rill and caught a few more trout. Changed from the spoon to an F-7 black on silver Rapala and picked up a few more trout. The trout appeared to be hanging out just down from where a waterfall emptied into the river. Probably bringing a good deal of edibles to the fish. Only fished for about an hour, using lures and not bait. People from the campground began showing up as I was leaving. By then, the morning prime bite seemed to have slowed.While fishing, a Canada family was enjoying the river. Thought a picture of them would brighten up the report. There is generation scheduled for one hour, 9 PM, at 44% of capacity. The high temperature predicted for the day is 67 degrees F., under partly sunny skies, with westerly winds at 9 MPH. Looks like it will be an excellent day to fish on the White River!

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