Launched this morning at Houseman Access and moved downstream looking for those elusive white bass.  Found them in 'dribs and drabs' around Beaver and thicker as we approached Tablerock Lake.  Our advice for those of you who want to fish the whites is to launch at Beaver or Holiday Island.  The water temperature upstream from Beaver is 47 degrees F., so until this weekend when the days warm up, the whites are likely to stay downstream.  Saturday or Sunday should find them back in the spawning game, upstream.  The trout are happy as they can be and are easily available up and down the river as far as about a mile upstream from Beaver.  Early in the morning they are seen hitting the surface in pretty fair numbers.  The temperature of the water at Houseman Access this morning was 46.4 degrees F..There is no more generation scheduled today after 9 AM. The weather today is predicted to give us a high temperature of 59 degrees F. under sunny skies, with winds from the WSW this morning, shifting to the WNW this afternoon, at 15 MPH. Tomorrow is predicted to be a nicer day with higher temperatures and calmer winds.  Sounds good to us!