Happy Couple, Many Fish! This past Saturday, we posted a fishing report showing the brown trout we caught that morning. On much closer 'inspection' we found a 6 inch rainbow trout in its stomach. We also went out later that afternoon and found that the trout were not in a ravenous mode. The folks we had out did well, though, and completed the trip with their limit of those tasty tidbits. You can see just how well they did in the attached photo! Fished this morning and found that the trout were not too receptive to lures, but did bite power bait. The successful colors were pink, rainbow and salmon peach. None of the trout caught this morning were of any size that would incite one to begin bragging. In fact, we found out where the brown trout found a little rainbow! Fished in several locations and did best at a location between Bertrand Launch Ramp and Spider Creek. The bite there happened within one minute of casting. We were just beginning to have fun with the microlites when the Beaver Dam horn blew indicating that generating was going to begin....again. That was a surprise since the schedule only called for generation at 7 and 8 AM today. At any rate, that ended our outing this fine day! The weather today is predicted to give us scattered showers under cloudy skies with winds from the south at 16 MPH until about 6PM when they are expected to drop towards single digits. Water temperature around Bertrand ramp was 46 degrees F. Good luck fishing!