Busy two days! Yesterday, Sam and I launched at Holiday Island to check the status of the whites and walleye. The debris at the launch ramp was really a pain in the trailer! We had to go into 4-wheel to get the truck out after launching. The debris in the water between Holiday Island and Beaver bridge was fairly thick, but was moving toward Missouri at a pretty good clip. Today should be a great improvement over the 30th. The water in the vicinity of Beaver was the color of coffee with cream when we were on the way to put in at Holiday Island, but was fairly clear when we were on the way back. Fish were marked in the lake between the HI marina and the second turn up river towards Beaver. Then, the debris was so thick that we grew tired of constantly cleaning our lures and turning to avoid floating logs. Today, the river should be pretty clear in that area. The amount of generation yesterday, coupled with the three hours this morning should send the remaining debris into our neighboring State, After completing our morning 'jaunt', we fished for trout at three locations below the Beaver Dam. The first was directly below the dam, where we caught several nice trout on power bait. The trout seemed to want only pink power bait, and ignored yellow, rainbow, garlic, white and fluorescent orange. The bite was fairly slow, but it was there. We got them to bite only if, when we noticed surface activity, we cast into the immediate vicinity of the activity. The next place we tried was Bertrand launch ramp, where we struck out....probably because we did not care to wait longer than ten minutes for a bite, By the way, walking downstream from the ramp towards Spider Creek is a thing of the past, unless one desires to wade waist deep in the process. We then fished at Parker Bend with some success. Again, pink seemed to be the bait of choice, except for Patricia, who caught one (only one), on garlic. She caught more fish, but only one on garlic while we were there. The bite all along the river was fairly slow, This morning at 4:30, I went out checking for the walleye bite at Bertrand, Parker and White Bass cove. First thing tried upon arrival at these sites was 'shining' for eyes with a 700 lumen flashlight. No reflections were seen, and no strikes were had on the Rapalas thrown. Game and Fish recently was shocking for eggs, so I am fairly confident that the walleye are there, but not quite in the mood to reward our efforts to catch them. The white bass have not yet been spotted in the area, although the occasional one has been caught downstream from Houseman Access. Yesterday, the water temperature at Holiday Island was 51 degrees F., but in the Houseman/Bertrand area, it is still in the 40s. It should not be too long before the river comes up to the right temperature for both walleye and whites. Hope you get out to fish during this coming week! Generation today is scheduled for 4 hours, 7 through 10 AM. The high temperature predicted for today is 77 degrees F., with westerly winds at 6 MPH, under partly sunny skies.