Launched at Beaver and moved upstream until we marked fish on the bottom. This happened pretty quickly after we passed upstream from the Beaver Bridge. Problems came up when we tried to anchor in a location where we could 'jig' into the fish. The wind proved to be the 'better man', and we had to go farther upriver to locate more fish in a spot out of the direct wind. When the gusts approached 40 mph, we packed it in and decided to fish further upriver, past Houseman Access. Caught many trout and one male walleye. The walleye, especially the males are rapidly increasing their number from Houseman to the Beaver Dam launch ramp area. The water temperature is 46 degrees F. in the upstream areas we fished today. White bass are being caught in small numbers in the Holiday Island area. It will not be long before we will have to choose between them and trout for initial fishing. HA! Easy decision!Generating was scheduled for this morning from 7 through 10 at 44% capacity and for later this evening, 8 and 9, at the same rate of flow. Weather today calls for cloudy skies with the possibility if thundershowers at 3 and 6 PM. The winds are predicted to be from the south at 19 MPH early this morning, shifting to the SSW and increasing to 24 MPH as the day progresses. Another good day to hang onto your rain hat!

the walleye and the trout