DSC_0486We delayed the start of our fishing until 11 AM in order to miss the morning scheduled generation. Launched at Bertrand and trolled the upper portion of the river trying to lure in a walleye or two. The only creatures that bit were rainbows. Since the trout seemed to want to join us for SUPPER, we moved down river and fished a couple of our favorite spots. Threw a couple back because they were too small and a couple back because they were ‘slots.' Hooked two fish in the 20 inch range that pulled the hook just before the net. Decided to troll back to Houseman where Sam had moved the trailer. Boy, talk about the Dead Sea! Although we did limit out on trout, we did not mark one walleye on our trolling expedition. It was a wonderful day out on the river with great company. They are the ones holding the fish in the attached picture.There is no generation scheduled for Saturday. The predicted high temperature for tomorrow is 68º F. under sunny skies with south winds of 7 MPH. Whether you are fishing from a boat or from the shore, it sounds like a perfect day to fish. Go out and have fun!IMG_3305