Fished in a couple of spots today, using both spoons and bait. Tried spoons at the 'canebreak' and did great on silver. Tried upstream from the steps leading down to the water. No other fishermen were present. They probably had been blown away from the area by the 'gentle breeze'.  Moved closer to the dam and switched to power bait. The trout bit on green, pink, rainbow and yellow. Three other fishermen were there and were doing OK, too. The water temperature is 43 degrees F. in the upstream area, and was 44 at Beaver, yesterday. The trout are pretty spread out since the water is that cool all the way down to Beaver.  We have been catching trout as far down as Beaver while we were fishing for walleye.  As the water begins to warm toward the 60 degree F. mark, the trout should become more concentrated in the up-river area that remains cool.  Look for bait and white bass when the 60 degrees range arrives!Generation took place from 7 through 10 AM. The weather prediction called for a high of 48 degrees F. under sunny skies. Winds are from the NNE at 16 MPH (at 3 PM). They are expected to drop to 8 MPH by 8 PM. Although tomorrow appears to be bringing us much the same in the wind arena, the temperature should hit the 60s.  Sounds great!